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Pavilion Grip

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Pavilion Grip

Looking to have a matching set of wood furniture on your fudd'ed up rifle or pistol?
These Walnut/polymer grips are the way to go!

The QCT grip design is layered ontop of the already amazing Pearce PGAR15 Polymer Gun grips that have a timeless 1911 angel/feel. The Walnut grips are made in house and match the same finish as our rail covers, making a phenomenal streamlined match for your next build.

The Pearce grip converts the grip angle to the same as the Government Model 1911 and may be used on any firearm that uses the AR15 standard grip style.

The Pavilion Grip includes both Walnut scales and polymer grip with associated fastener.

Make your grandpa proud and slap some wood on that blacked out firearm.